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The FilmDoo Story


FilmDoo Academy is a multi-award winning organisation dedicated to transforming education around the world. We are regarded as the pioneers and industry leaders for film- and video-based learning.

2015 saw the birth of FilmDoo, our movie-streaming platform helping people to discover and watch great films from around the world. FilmDoo now has over 280,000 registered users from 194 countries and over 3,000 films. We partner with major organisations across technology, film, language learning and edtech. Today, FilmDoo has one of the world’s largest international film catalogues online. With a clear vision to close the language and cultural gap around the world and to transform education using the power of films and videos, our exciting and innovative journey began.

In 2019, FilmDoo undertook scientific research to study the impact which film has on teaching and learning. The outcome of this research confirmed that student engagement is positively correlated to the use of film and video - driven by the positive experience and improved motivations associated with learning through engaging, multimodal audiovisual content.

Raising student engagement and motivation levels has been a major problem in remote and online learning - now more relevant than ever, as schools, universities and language schools have all needed to go online in light of the pandemic. At FilmDoo, we saw an opportunity to use film and video to help. So we launched FilmDoo Academy to help bring interactive classroom and online learning through any film and video.

FilmDoo Academy, the birth-child of FilmDoo, provides teachers and educators with the most cost-effective, highest quality and most engaging educational tool on the market today. Our game-based edtech tool helps turn any film and video into interactive learning content. With our easy-to-use course authoring tool, teachers have the ability to create bespoke lessons and bring interactive learning through any film and video in a matter of minutes! Not only that, teachers are able to check for understanding of knowledge retention and “recall” by adding quizzes, questions and puzzles to the video.

Using film and video, teachers around the world ignite their students' passion and thirst for learning, whilst engaging them in a format that comes naturally - in particular, for the average Gen Z student who now spends four hours a day watching mobile videos. Whilst traditional teaching methods struggle to keep students engaged, the modern students now respond to film- and video-based learning - which is at the heart of FilmDoo.

We work with the world’s largest dedicated learning institutions to bring engaging and impactful video tools to assist in all subjects, across all year groups and from the classroom to homework, to intervention to home and remote teaching and everything in between!

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Meet The FilmDoo Team

  • Weerada Sucharitkul


    After starting her career teaching English in Japan, Weerada brings over 10 years of experience in management consultancy, digital strategy and IT transformation, counting global and major FTSE companies among some of the companies she has worked with. Having lived and studied in 11 countries across 5 continents, Weerada launched FilmDoo to reflect the three things she is most passionate about: films, language learning and edtech.

  • David Page


    As a single dad, Dave is always on the lookout for ways to keep his son engaged with online learning. He brings his wealth of experience from sales and business development, working with both UK and international clients. Dave is currently leading FilmDoo’s diversity efforts - a cause he is very passionate about - to help organisations improve their own diversity & inclusion training and awareness programmes through the power of impactful and engaging films.

  • Rob Sutcliffe


    Rob was previously an English teacher in Seoul, Korea for 3 years. Since then, Rob has worked for over 10 years developing applications for companies such as Oracle and Hitachi. Prior to that, Rob has had extensive experience developing elearning and LMS for schools and corporate learning providers.

  • Christina Learmonth


    Christina brings extensive experience in content acquisition, video editing and marketing. She is actively involved in growing FilmDoo’s content library for language learners and language schools around the world. More recently, Christina is helping to oversee the company’s promotional and marketing efforts for FilmDoo Academy.

  • Rainie Liu


    Speaking four languages - Mandarin, Korean, English and Spanish - Rainie is a passionate and experienced linguist. Rainie helps to oversee the pedagogic and curriculum design at FilmDoo. She is also involved in conducting edtech and user research while helping to onboard new teachers and schools to FilmDoo Academy.

  • Charles Normsaskul


    Charles brings many years of experience as a video producer. He joined FilmDoo as he shared our vision to help connect the world through film. As a filmmaker himself, Charles also shares our mission to help underrepresented stories from around the world to get seen and heard. Charles enjoys finding new audiences for these films by working with schools, universities and language schools who are looking for authentic, engaging content to turn into interactive lessons and help rejuvenate their students’ engagement.

  • Julio Marmol Corbacho


    Speaking four languages - Spanish, French, English & Portuguese - Julio brings many years of experience as a language teacher in Latin America and the UK. Trained as a film producer, Julio understands first hand the power of films and videos in improving learning outcomes, especially in language learning. Julio is excited to be working with schools and educators to introduce them to FilmDoo’s transformative edtech tool.


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